Fireworks in Burj Khalifa, Dubai New Year 2012

¡Feliz 2012! Con impresionante despliegue de fuegos de artificio desde el edificio más alto del mundo.

Video: Happy New Year, Burj Khalifa.
Happy 2012!
How did you celebrate the beginning of the last year of civilization? Prix fixe and champagne? Shaking it, PBR in both hands? Falling asleep at 10:15pm despite yourself?
This video shows how UAE residents rang in the new year at the reigning world’s tallest building. Dubai’s residents enjoyed “the largest fireworks display ever,” a title previously held by, uh, the Burj Khalifa’s inaugural opening ceremony fireworks display back in 2009/10.
Your city’s fireworks show may have been paltry in comparison, but take heart: even in Dubai, the specter of post-fireworks traffic jams cannot be escaped.

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