Tesla Unveils the Model X: The World's First All-Electric Crossover Luxury car | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

The auto world is buzzing today about Tesla‘s highly-anticipated Model X family-sized vehicle, which was unveiled just last night. Built for parents with a need for speed, this car breaks the mold for crossover vehicles with “falcon wing” doors, a completely web connected digital interface, an ultra-performance dual motor all-wheel drive, and room for seven passengers. All of this comes at a price though since the car starts at around $50,000, but from the looks of this sexy all-electric crossover, it will be money well-spent.

The signature element of the car is the double hinged “falcon doors” that fully open in tight spaces, even when they only have a foot of clearance. The doors hinge up and then out, providing enough space for a 6ft tall adult to stand in the back seat with the door open. This really helps if you need to stand while strapping in the kids, or unloading gear from the back. Because it doesn’t have a gas powered engine, and conceals the electric batteries within the chassis, the Model X finds room for
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